At some point in life everyone must deal with the harsh reality of bereavement. Nothing can prepare you for the loss or how cope with it. One time honoured method of celebrating the life of the deceased and marking their passage is to hold a burial or remembrance ceremony and to create a lasting marker at a place of remembrance. This ceremony is our last opportunity to spend time with and farewell our loved one. Time is spent planning and organising a service to honour the memory and creating a ceremony which our loved one would be proud of.

From the earliest times our departed have been treated with devotion and respect, their remains cared for and interred in special places. With the advent of modern religions, places of worship and their grounds become the final resting place of many. Overcrowding eventually led to the establishment of cemeteries in suburban areas.

Today funeral companies offer a wide variety of services and options. Choice is available in style of service and original and highly personalised ceremonies can be performed. Designs of graves and the materials in their construction are changing to reflect the use of both modern and traditional materials. Family members now have the option of creating a lasting, unique and highly personalised memorial to their loved one.

There is a wealth of companies providing customers with various types of grave markers. Terms used can be confusing. Headstones, memorials, tombstones, gravestones and monuments are all used interchangeably. No longer does the size of memorial reflect personal wealth or position in society. Designs and carvings have changed to reflect more modern values. Carved symbols have become more optimistic, such as angels and floral designs. The availability of durable granite offers not only a longevity, which ensures the text will not become illegible, the advantage of being available in a diverse range of colours and also the added advantage of being more affordable. Granite is considered to be of enduring beauty and perfect for the remembrance of those who we lost. Other traditionally used materials such as as marble, sandstone or even cement are declining in usage due to their lack of resilience to weather conditions.

Careful thought should be given to the memorial design as it is to be the lasting tribute to the life of a loved one. An upright stone is the most traditional type of headstone. A flat headstone is either set flush to the ground or it can be raised slightly off the ground. Kerbed headstones are recommended to customers who are looking for a less traditional memorial. Kerbed headstones are also longer and bigger, allowing more space for personal expression. This makes them a more suitable for individual designs. Grave sites can be single, double or accommodate multiple burials and have memorials to suit.

Bronze, like granite, is known to be resilient, durable, low-maintenance and impressive. Although bronze grave markers are long-lasting and stylish, they are very expensive.
Stainless steel elegant headstones are becoming more and more popular. Stainless steel offers the added beauty of a polished mirror finish. Modern memorials allow for designs incorporating photographic images, laser engraving, glass, vitreous enamel and personalised motifs.

Text can be added to the memorial design. It is a vital part of the memorial design and itis essential that the wording can be read clearly and is durable. Inscriptions can be added to granite by traditional hand engraving. Payment is made on a per-letter basis and as such can this can become a very expensive aspect of the design. An alternative is to use laser engraving. This option gives a vast choice of fonts which are long-lasting and more aesthetically pleasing. Memorial plaques added to headstones can offer another solution. These can be made from bronze, ceramics or vitreous enamel but will need to be cleaned, otherwise they will be subjected to oxidization.

The shape of the headstone can also become part of the personalised design. Any shape is possible for modern headstone design. Angels, cars, motorbikes and teddy bears feature amongst modern designs.

Our aim is to assist you in the planning of a personal ceremony and to help you in making your loved one’s story beautiful and breathtaking. We strive to assure you that the grave marker you create be will be the most fitting tribute to represent and symbolize your loved one.